Best Pai Attractions – Things to Do & What to See

Saturday, February 16th, 2019 - Mae Hong Son

Best Pai Tourist Attractions Things to Do What to See

In every holiday season, million people over the world go to Pai, Mae Hong Soon Province, Thailand. They go to this place in order to get the fresh air and see the beautiful nature, which they could not see in their place today.

Of course, Pai District has dozen incredible things to pleasant everyone who come there. Well, many things you may do here in order to get the different experience in enjoying holiday seasons.

Interesting Things to Do in Pai

Go Hiking in Pai Canyon

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Pai Canyon located in North Thailand and it becomes one of the wonderful place to go when you want to enjoy your holiday with families.

This amazing place is separate with around 130 km distance from the city of Chiang Mai and it has wonderful 765 curves during the journey. The Pai is the gorgeous village by its beautiful scenery, which will make you know the other side of Thailand.

Pai Walking Street

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Pai is full of people from morning until night. One of the holiday menu in the night Pai is the walking street activity. Every night, in the main street of Pai, there are many sellers offering their things.

People who go to Pai are able to enjoy the original and traditional foods from Thailand in the night market. Then, they also could get Thailand’s jewelry and clothing there.

For those who love the culinary activity, the Pai main road will be best place to go. Here, there are some best foods available with cheap price. Some best foods providing by the sellers are sushi, Indian food, barbecued meats, and others.

When you are hungry, I am sure that you want to test all foods there! Well, for the recommendation, it will be better for you to take a walk than using scooter.

Visit The White Buddha

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Going to the Pai is not complete without going to The White Buddha (Wat Phra That Mae Yen / Big Buddha Pai Meditation). This place is the historical matter in Thailand and it becomes the reasons why million people go to Pai in their holiday season.

The location of The White Buddha is in the peak of Pai. Guests need to hike the hill in order to arrive to the place. It maybe needs around 2 hours hiking. However, guests will not feel tired since there are many beautiful sceneries to enjoy during the hiking journey.

Explore the Waterfalls in Pai

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The beautiful Pai actually is a wonderful nature that will pleasant you. In this place, there are many waterfalls that you may enjoy. Well, the two best waterfalls in Pai, which become the favorite from the guests are Pam bok (Pombok) and Mo Paeng (MorPaeng) Falls.

At the Mo Paeng Falls, guests are able to see the little pools that is surrounded by the slippery rock. The scenery in this place is quite amazing. The guests here are able to see the beautiful waterfall with huge and large forest.

Then, the Pambok Waterfall also has the great scenery to enjoy. This waterfall located in the higher place than the first waterfall. It means that guests need to walk more time in order to reach the peak of the waterfall. Well, the scenery in the peak of Pombok are so wonderful. The waterfall is not too big and there is a large pool for everyone who want to test the cold nature water.