Doi Pha Tang, the Hidden Paradise in Chiang Rai, North Thailand

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019 - Chiang Rai

Doi Pha Tang
Doi Pha Tang is located around 160 kilometers from the Chiang Rai town, North Thailand. This place is one of the best view points, especially for those who want to enjoy the original nature of Thailand. In Thai, Doi means Hill, Pha means Cliff and Tang means standing vertically. When you do the combination words, of course you could get what the words means.

The name of this place is given because of its appearance. The place has some high hills, river and forests. Tucked in Northern part of Thailand, this place offers some stunning places to enjoy. Now, it becomes one of the best tourisms in Thailand and million guests go to this place, especially in the holiday seasons.

Doi Pha Tang Outdoor Adventure Activities

Activities in Doi Pha Tang

There are many things you may do when visiting this place. Here, we will give you some reviews about what things you may do here. Of course, it could be the reasons why this place is good and why you need to go there.

⦁ Doing Hiking

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For those who love hiking, this place could be the alternative destination. Located about 1,638 meters from the sea levels, this place provides the small hill to climb. Of course, hiking in this hill is not quite difficult. The organizer made some hiking treks in the hill. You do not prepare the special preparation.

The best time to do the hiking activity is the midday. Yes, the hill here becomes one of the nice spot to watch the sunset. When you do the hiking in the midday, of course you will be in the right time to see the beautiful sunset when you are in the top of the hills.

⦁ Enjoying the Thailand-Laos Borders

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Actually, the hill of Doi Pha Tang is the border between Thailand and Laos. The hill becomes the natural border that separates the two Asians. From the top of the hills, you could see the beautiful sceneries of it. There are a long green forests separate the country from Laos. Then, the hill actually becomes the home of some Chinese ethnic groups.

Many people say that they seem find the peaceful world when they are staying in the top of the hill. We are sure that it is real because this place offers not only the beautiful scenery with its originality, but also the fresh air, which is different with the air in the central town of Thailand.

⦁ Doing Camping

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For those who love natural, this place could be the right destination for camping. Well, the hill of Doi Pha Tang has some fields, which could be the ground for the camps. Doing camping in this place is great because your stress level will drop and the happiness, calmness and peace of mind will change it. However, guests should make permission before doing the camping.

Until today, this hill becomes the great places for the tourism reasons. Besides enjoying the lovely nature, guests also could enjoy the traditional foods near the hill. A long the street near the hill, there are many Yunan Chinese restaurants and Thailand local restaurants providing the best foods.