Phu Chi Fa, An Awesome Point for the Ultimate Sunrise / Sunset

Sunday, January 27th, 2019 - Chiang Rai

Phu Chi Fa

Phu Chi Fa (Phu Chee Fah) is a good place, especially for those who love enjoying the sunrise in the morning. The location of this place is in North Thailand and it becomes the piece of Chiang Rai.

Although this place is a good nature destination for the tourism need, there are still rare people knowing about this. It is because the most famous place in Thailand is still Bangkok!

This place actually is a hill or mountain area and a national forest park. Bordering by thousand big and green trees, the hills offer the fresh air and very beautiful scenery for everyone who goes there. From the Chiang Rai, this location is located around 90 kilometers. Although it is quite long for holiday journey, the treks near this place are quite easy to pass.

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Driving to the Destination

The journey to the forest could be started from the Chiang Rai. From the Chiang Rai, guests will face around 90 kilometers road, which could be driven around two hours.

Although it could be a long journey, the road are very goods. Along the journey to the destinations, guests are able to face the wonderful viewpoints of the mountains.

When you are outside the Chiang Rai, you will face no traffic. Yes, it is because the location is inside the village, so it has different rules than the towns. Not only the view of mountains, along the riding time, you also could see the beautiful rivers and forests there. However, for the tips, it will be better when you use the Google Maps, so you could find the nearest roads to the destination.

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Climbing the Hill

Climbing the hill is the best thing to do when you are in Phu Chi Fa destination. As we have said before, this place is a good place to look for the ultimate sunrise. It means that actually the best time to climb this hill is in the night.

Maybe, you will need around 2 to 3 hours to get the peak of the hills. Well, when you start from the midnight, you could arrive in the peak when the sun is rising.

However, for those who have long holiday time, climbing in the daylight could be the option. Yes, it maybe could be the better idea to do. By hiking in the daylight, you could be in the peak in the afternoon. From the peak of the hill, of course, you also could see the sunset. Then, you could do camping there to wait the sunrise in the morning.

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Do Well Preparation

The nice Phu Chi Fa could be the great natural destination to go when you are in holiday. Actually, the hill is also the border between Thailand and Laos. Well, by this fact, you may cross from Thailand to Laos without any visa from this place! Of course, you are still illegal.

As the addition, it will be better for everyone going to there to do the well preparation. Since it is a hill and located in high place from the sea level, the air will be cooler and windy. It will be good for you to wear some thick clothes and wear sock during the traveling. It is important to do in order to keep your health. Yes, it is because there is no hospital near the hill.